IMM week 06 exercise: Good experience

  • A good experience is actually one that is unusual, has an anticipation, an impact of amusement on us and to cause an urge for another try. These affects to a memorable good experience.

  • An interactive experience is whereby one that involves communication and that the people are involved in the game.

Untitled-1This is my first experience- the Mahjong.  Personally, I think that Mahjong is a very interactive game as we can hint each other to let others throw out tiles that are beneficial to us. The game gets exceptionally interactive when you play with friends and family. It is also relatively interactive when a newcomer comes into play with mahjong and the 3 players would coach him.

  1. This is a good experience as people will get curious when they first see this machine, they will be curious and will want to use this machine.


  1. The second game is the Twister. This is very interactive as our body would be controlled by a neutral party and your bodies would be tied up with the other players. Hence, the communication process is actually to convince ur competitors to make way for you so that you are able to place one of your body part onto the designated area u have been give.
  2. In this game, a 3rd party would spin the board and instruct 1 party to place 1 specific parts onto the twister mats. The fun part is that when one reached her limit and get eliminated from the game when they fall.

GUI week 06 final mock up check

this is my mock up for GUI science centre web


Web Design Week 5 Homework part II

This is the site map for This Fashion website.
website1 copy

IMM Week 05 homework partII

IMM Week 05 homework partII

Create a website for the flow chart that was shown in class which has the 1st level information

of Numbers, C, D, M and P. and post them onto our domain.


Week 05 IMM homework

What is the difference between web application and web design.

From the cambridge dictionary source,
the definition of design is :
the art of making plans or drawings for something
and the definition of application is:
a computer program that is designed for a particular purpose

From this explaination, I can roughly tell that an application
undergoes a series of designing in order to accomplish the
particular purpose. To do the designing, it means that one
needs to go thorough planning in order for the final process
to be successful

Web design is also
•Graphic Design
•Information Design
•Interface Design
•Document Production
•Programming and Scripting

While web application is
•software application that is coded in a browser-supported
– HTML, JavaScript, Java, etc.
•Browser applications typically include simple office software
-word processors, online spreadsheets, and presentation tools
-with Google Docs being the most notable example, and can also include more advanced applications such as project management, computer-aided design, video editing and point-of-sale

Browser applications typically require little or no disk space on the client, upgrade automatically with new features, integrate easily into other web procedures, such as email and searching. They also provide cross-platform compatibility (i.e., Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) because they operate within a web browser window.

Web Design Week 05 homework.

•How do you find this site? (in 3 words)

1. outdated , Dry,homely

•Who do you think the site is created for

2. This Web is probably created for customers who are interested in this
shop and want to know the outlets that they have and the gifts voucher
that they can offer. Customers can also check out the services that they
can give. This web can also be a site for the suppliers as it provides
a very detailed information on the outlets that they have which includes
the address and their contact number for each outlet.

•What are the good attributes of the site (in terms

of usability, aesthetic issues, etc)?

3. First of all, this website is a very organised website as all the informations
are being sorted out correctly in the indivual tabs of the web site. On the case
of usability, this site not only contains all the informations that they have,
but the navigation of this website is also relatively good. As all the information
are sorted out in tabs, and all these tabs can be found on the top of the website
on every page of the site. Other usable links are also in strong black fonts and
underlined. Hence, this allows the user to differentiate between navigation and
informations. It also follows the flow so that people will read from top to bottom.
Nice paragraphing.

Lacks asthetic appeals.
Users dont know about the site in a second because it lacks asethic appeal as a fashion
selling shop. Its not convincing enough. Its not appealing.

•What are the bad attributes of the site?

4. The background lacks design and emphasis. The choice of text sizeis notapplied correctly as there is no difference in the font size for people to distinguish the importancy of each section. The text color are mostly grey scales and a few green colored text. They did not use the colors to distinguish text etc, heading and information. The correct use of font size and color can help people to identify the different level of information that you are providing.

Alot of empty spaces, feels like a very low class web. A low class web site give a first impression that this is for a very low class shop. A first impression is very important to costomers you are trying to attract them. The lots of white spaces also hints me that the scriptor of this website had propable script this web for a low resolution monitor as the spaces are only present in very high resolution screen. Lacks of information of what this fashion provides. No hints of services this fashion provides. This makes the viewers to make assumptions. Assumptions are bad…

GUI WEEK 04 new site map.

this is for the whole of science centre web.
gui copy

GUI week 04 homework; creating a sitemap


IMM Week 04 homework, interview with an employer.

skills-set1This is the skill set arrangement by a freelance web designer, bachelor in Information Technology.

Group member: Yiyou, JunXiang, Jonathan

GUI week 04 homework: Creating banner

This is my design for my banner.


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