IMM Week 13 assessment

1. What is a multimedia CD-ROM title?

A CD Rom title is a detailed compilation of all the information in a CD Rom in a structural and organised matter. It is very useful as it can easily compile even 8,000 pages or more into a CD Rom. A CD Rom can store text, images, videos and audios within the available storage of a CD Rom.

2. What are some application of CD-ROM title design? Eg. Educational. Bring examples, if any.

Some applications of CD-Rom are to store programs within a CD for promotional or educational purposes.

One example would be the documentatory of  a historical event (educational). In this example, large amount of resources and content would be required to be presented in a CD Rom, hence a CD Rom title would help to organise the information to display them neatly and presentably to the viewers.  The viewers will then need to click on the elements designed on the interface to proceed to the next level of infomation and vice versa. This allows the user to clearly sort out the information in a hierarchical manner.

Another example is the use of CD ROM titles in the guides and installations of a programme provided by the publishing company to teach and tell the user on the ways to install the program with the relevant setup and installations  ,all the guides and procedues, tutorials , terms and conditions ,help and assistance and user manual stored in the CD Rom. This is convinient to the users as all the required data they need is all available in the disc and hence, no downloading is required.

3. What are the differences between website design and CD-ROM title design?


  1. able to store large amount of data up to the capacity the disc can support
  2. No downloading of media is required(makes it a better experience then web)
  3. Portable information with disc and no internet access is required
  4. Design can be fanciful due to the no limitation of data size
  5. data is stored in the disc
  6. user have more patience as they have the disc to slowly explore deep leveled information


  1. Design is static as the web has restrictions to the capacity of space it can dedicate to. (either heavy towards design elements or to side information)
  2. downloading is required. Hence, size of data has to be optimized.
  3. Global accessibility. However, access to the web is required
  4. Heavy restriction on size due to loading time from download.
  5. data is stored in the internet.
  6. information flowchart cannot have many many levels as users will get lost and lose patience easily