User Centered Design


The first item is actually a urinal, which is commonly found in the male’s toilet. It was a good initiative for the designer to have a boring urinal, which is usually plain white with a standard rectangular-ish design, into something really new and interesting.

With this new attention catching red lips design urinal, it could actually catch the attention of the user immediately which will result in a better accuracy in answering Mother Nature’s call to the guys. The design also comes with the bottom part of the lips being more extruded out then usual to ensure that every drips will definitely goes into the urinal.

This will probably reduce the tough job of the cleaners who have to remove the urine stains on the floor by people who have no caring about the public toilet. It also makes a better public environment for everyone. Not only does it bring an interesting subject to a toilet, it also makes the toilet a cleaner and more responsible place.


Beep Beep Beep! The alarm clock goes sounding.

Have you ever counted how many times you would ever snooze out the alarm clock everyday?

With this new  creative design of the alarm clock, it will actually increase the efficiency of an alarm clock waking you up early in the morning.

The first design is actually a combination of a dumb bell with an alarm clock. In order to stop the alarm clock from ringing, the user will have to wake up and do 30 reps. The intiative of this design is awesome too as it forces the user to be in part of some vigorous exercise after waking up. Not only can you grow some muscles and have regular exercises, you will also be assured of waking up on time and kick the habits of snoozing off the usual alarm clocks.

The following design is also another  creative alarm clock that I encountered. It also has the initiative of waking the user up via making him have some actions done and get off the comfort of the bed.

This design is to let the user stand on the mat in order to stop the alarm clock to start his/her morning when it rings.


The new Apple Magic mouse is the first multi touch mouse. It is actually like a touch screen mouse but you can control lots of things with just the mouse unlike the usual mouse which needs to be pressed in many steps. It has also a very comfortable scrolling due to the multi touch function that it has and it make works faster and more efficient.

Here is the URL on the video and its function