UCD survey

your role as UCD researcher, you will help HMV to:

  • 1) find out who shop at HMV
  • 2) their shopping habits, what the people buy, how long they spend in the store and how much they spend etc.
    *Design a set of survey questions which will enable you to carry out a in-store survey in less than 10 mins per person.

target audience – _________?
survey on 10 people all gender

  • HMV caters a variety of products, which type of product comes to your mind first?
  • Is your purpose of visiting HMV for that product?
  • Which other specific type of items do you come here for?
  • How frequent do you come here?
  • Tell me why do you prefer HMV as your place of choice for seeking ________?
  • Who do you visit the store with?
  • Tell me how do you feel about the atmosphere here?
  • ***Why?
  • How would you compare HMV stores to the other music outlets you had been before?
  • How much time do you spend in HMV per visit?
  • Could you share with me your shopping experience in HMV today?
  • Is there any room for improvement?
  • ***How likely are you to purchase the product you saw for the first time?
  • ***Will you visit HMV for the desired product again?
  • What do you normally purchase?
  • How much do you spend in HMV? *optional
  • how do you feel about the demo music?
  • how do you feel about the HMV service?

Urinal New

Urinal Design


The Common Problems of a public urinals

1. During busy hours where the cubicles are easily occupied by people, we are not sure if the cubicles are vacant or not as some cubicle doors are designed to be self closed for a better interior design purpose.

2. Males usually will wet the floor or dirty the toilet bowl/ seat when they pee.

State of use for males.

1. Standing up and pee.

2. Sitting down to pass motion.

Habits of using

Some people rush into any cubicle when they have an urgent call to answer. However, some doors of the cubicles are designed to be closed at all times. Hence, people will be trying to open every door that they see to look for a vacant one. Although those occupied cubicles will be shut and locked, it is actually quite a challenge to differentiate them as the occupied cubicles and the vacant cubicles are very similar in appearance due to the self closing door. The only way that you could identify the vacant cubicles are by the green symbol near the door handle that is barely visible. Some people could also identify by the little gap that a unlocked door would have.

However, many of the male mankind have the lazy habit of leaving the door unlocked while peeing as they think that it is not worth the time locking the door and unlocking it for the 30 seconds which they spent inside. Hence, it often cause incidents where people will push the doors of a occupied cubicle where someone else is peeing inside. It actually cause awkwardness in the user inside and the guy outside.

Hence, I hope that the cubicles could have an indicator at the door to show if they is any users in the cubicle. This could likely to work by some sensors installed in the cubicle.

Another fear for me using a male toilet cubicle is actually the wet floor or toilet seat which are often stained with urine.


Firstly, the floor could be wet by the dripping drops that landed on the floor. 1 problem I could assume from this was that the users actually find the toilet bowl seats itself dirty. Hence, they will keep a distance from the toilet bowl itself to avoid any contact with the seats. With them moving further away from the seats, it will likely to cause them to dirty the seats more often.

Hence, I designed the toilet bowl to have the curvature of the legs so that the user could stand closer to the toilet bowl but also keep a safe distance to avoid contact with the toilet bowl. Moreover, this also forms the position which the user should stand and creates a fool proof position where the users will not dirty the floor.


For the scenario which the user has to seat down on the toilet bowl, this design will also work too.

With Veronica’s shared idea of the toilet seat protector(http://thecreativefreak.blogspot.com/) I believe that it could work on this design too. It could even be brought further by having the seat protector to include the leg section too to further make sure that the legs are protected from contact too.

An additional add on would be that people might find different ambient that would make their experience in the toilet more comfortable.

Some thinks that classical music could aid them. Some think that the corporate messages in shopping centre disturbs them. Hence, I thought this music player could be implemented in the toilet to sit different style of preference in the toilet. It could also aid those with constipation as it distracts them from the pain and ease the torture in there.

ucd persona


When it comes to designing a urinal with the user, my first thought would be implementing games into the urinal.
This makes it common and uninteresting doesnt it. With the thinking of making something fresh and never thought before, I came out with some concept like “Make sure you dont pee on your pants”. This concept is a pure experimental and an  experience for the user to try. With the daring thought of who would reveal their private one in the public. Or would anyone had ever had a thought of doing so?

Therefore, with this urinal that i designed, it actually make use of those black glass where it only can be seen on one side of the panel. With this glass panel, it makes  the user able to see the city thru the small urinal which makes him focus into the small destinated area to be in the urinal.

To make my concept more interesting, I thought of making the flooring the same black glass material too where the floor would be able to see thru.
This is the main element of the “Make sure you dont pee on your pants” concept comes from this flooring. It gives the user a bird eye view of the city from the toilet which makes this an unusual experience.