UCD concept 2

Concept 2
The Coffee Cup, make records to one another

Objective: Give both parties a chance to initiate to understand one another

The coffee cup allows users to record their voice each time they brew a cup of coffee.

From the results we evaluated that teenagers seldom interact with their grandparents. Hence, ‘Shut up’ would grant teenagers a chance to communicate with their grandparents during their daily life. It would be easier and much more convenient. If it is convenient, more records would be made and eventually communication between grandparents and teenagers would increase.

Also, we have decided to tackle on coffees because they are something that both teenagers and elders like. It does not necessarily be restricted to coffee at home. It can be traditional coffee at Kopitiam  or perhaps coffee from Starbucks.

How does it work?

Make a record/message to your grandparents each time you drink a coffee, vice versa. That will give teenagers a reason to initiate an exchange.


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