UCD Observation- Lift


The Common Problems of getting into a lift

1. When we are in a state of rushing, some people might miss the lift just by a few seconds.

2. The people inside might not be that kind to open the door for us as they are rushing too

3. We might not run fast

State of use.

1. People would rush  to hit the button of the lift to get inside.

2. They might shout out for the people inside to open for them.

Habits of using

When people are late for work, they need to rush into the lift just to

get to their destinated place like the office for meeting or an interview.

Missing a lift might cause a huge difference in the impact of how late the

person is.


Therefore, I hope to create something that allows the user to be able to open

the lift door while he is from a distance away. However, this thing should only

work for those that are rushing for time only. Therefore, we would need a way

to detect those that are in the rush.

I would install an infrared sensor around the lift lobby so that when people touch the sensor, the lift door would open.

To tackle the problem that this works only for those people that are in rush.. i would add a speed sensor so that it only

activates for those that are moving at a speed of 10km/h to detect those running


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