UCD observations- Bowl (Extra)


The Common Problems of holding a bowl of hot soup

1. People who likes to drink soup at home might face a problem when they try to fill their bowl of soup to the brim

and might find that the soup will spill out if they are not careful.

2. They might find that the bowl that is made of no matter plastic or porcelain, the surface of the bowl would be too hot to be held.

State of use.

1. User pouring out the hot liquid into the bowl.

2 Holding the bowl by the side of the bowl to drink the soup.

Habits of using

When someone wants to dine on a bowl of food, they might hold onto the bowl when

1: They cant find a table to put their food

2: The table is too filled with things to put their food

3: They just want to lay back and watch TV and have their tv

4: They just have the habit to hold their bowl and eat.

However, many of them would find that when the surface of the bowl

is too hot, they would just leave their bowls on the table just to let the

bowl of soup cold. This makes the bowl of food cold and taste not that nice.

Some people might even forgot they left their food there and get occupied by

something else.

Solution/ Idea:

I hope to create something that allows the user to be able to hold the bowl

of food without fearing that it is too hot. The item should also be portable

so they can bring it any where.

What I have in mind is to create a gel like substance that would hold onto the

surface of the bowl. Hopefully, this gel like substance can reduce the heat of conduction

between the user’s hand and the bowl by alot.


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