Week 07 GUI: Final

Final Design for GUI SCIENCE CENTRE.

final homepagehomepage with navigation

final homepage2 

Homepage only

final text intensive

Text intensive with tab

final text intensive2 copy 

text intensive with changed tab


final image intensive 

image intensive


GUI week 06 final mock up check

this is my mock up for GUI science centre web


GUI WEEK 04 new site map.

this is for the whole of science centre web.
gui copy

GUI week 04 homework; creating a sitemap


GUI week 04 homework: Creating banner

This is my design for my banner.


GUI week02 homework

GUID Week 2 – Homework

1. face-lift

  • Design a new set of buttons to control a lift that services a 100-storey building.
  • Incorporate features that you think are necessary, e.g when someone is trapped inside the lift.
gui-copyDesign for the 100 buttons.
  1. On the top is the display for the current level
  2. followed by 100 buttons that are categorised in to 20 levels per group
  3. Open and close button
  4. the red button for speaker with the security in case of emergency
  5. the yellow button for alarm
  6. and the speaker.
  7. there is also steps for children to access to top few levels.untitled-1
  8. On the left handle, it is for the handicap or the wheel chair bound
  9. the open and close navigates the door too.
  10. the red button is to access to the security so that they can help control the desired level of the lift for the wheel chair bound through a computer at the security.
gui2-copy1The lift interface

The pattern of arrangement of button goes in a snake n ladder pattern.
This is so to design all the whole number buttons ,eg. 10, 20, 30. and
those that end with 1s in the middle row for easy identification.

2. ordinary things, un-ordinary interaction

Find an example in ordinary everyday interaction of people and things that CONFUSES.

dsc00121This is a towel cake.. It is very confusing as the cake really looks like a real one.
this are signs that gives direction. They are very confusing as there are many information on it.

Find an example in ordinary everyday interaction of people and things that DELIGHTS.

dscf0312Food delights us... when I see food that looks appealing but I can't eat it, it'll make me feel
When people taste the food, they interact with it as they will savour the nice taste of it. This
 is also a form of communication between the chef and the consumer as the desired taste
 prepared by the chef is being enjoyed by the consumer.

wiiPlaying something that is interesting like the Wii is a very delightful interaction. As we move the controls, the things in the screen follows too. Hence, this will interest the user.