IMM Week 13 assessment

1. What is a multimedia CD-ROM title?

A CD Rom title is a detailed compilation of all the information in a CD Rom in a structural and organised matter. It is very useful as it can easily compile even 8,000 pages or more into a CD Rom. A CD Rom can store text, images, videos and audios within the available storage of a CD Rom.

2. What are some application of CD-ROM title design? Eg. Educational. Bring examples, if any.

Some applications of CD-Rom are to store programs within a CD for promotional or educational purposes.

One example would be the documentatory of  a historical event (educational). In this example, large amount of resources and content would be required to be presented in a CD Rom, hence a CD Rom title would help to organise the information to display them neatly and presentably to the viewers.  The viewers will then need to click on the elements designed on the interface to proceed to the next level of infomation and vice versa. This allows the user to clearly sort out the information in a hierarchical manner.

Another example is the use of CD ROM titles in the guides and installations of a programme provided by the publishing company to teach and tell the user on the ways to install the program with the relevant setup and installations  ,all the guides and procedues, tutorials , terms and conditions ,help and assistance and user manual stored in the CD Rom. This is convinient to the users as all the required data they need is all available in the disc and hence, no downloading is required.

3. What are the differences between website design and CD-ROM title design?


  1. able to store large amount of data up to the capacity the disc can support
  2. No downloading of media is required(makes it a better experience then web)
  3. Portable information with disc and no internet access is required
  4. Design can be fanciful due to the no limitation of data size
  5. data is stored in the disc
  6. user have more patience as they have the disc to slowly explore deep leveled information


  1. Design is static as the web has restrictions to the capacity of space it can dedicate to. (either heavy towards design elements or to side information)
  2. downloading is required. Hence, size of data has to be optimized.
  3. Global accessibility. However, access to the web is required
  4. Heavy restriction on size due to loading time from download.
  5. data is stored in the internet.
  6. information flowchart cannot have many many levels as users will get lost and lose patience easily

IMM delicious acct.

IMM week 06 exercise: Good experience

  • A good experience is actually one that is unusual, has an anticipation, an impact of amusement on us and to cause an urge for another try. These affects to a memorable good experience.

  • An interactive experience is whereby one that involves communication and that the people are involved in the game.

Untitled-1This is my first experience- the Mahjong.  Personally, I think that Mahjong is a very interactive game as we can hint each other to let others throw out tiles that are beneficial to us. The game gets exceptionally interactive when you play with friends and family. It is also relatively interactive when a newcomer comes into play with mahjong and the 3 players would coach him.

  1. This is a good experience as people will get curious when they first see this machine, they will be curious and will want to use this machine.


  1. The second game is the Twister. This is very interactive as our body would be controlled by a neutral party and your bodies would be tied up with the other players. Hence, the communication process is actually to convince ur competitors to make way for you so that you are able to place one of your body part onto the designated area u have been give.
  2. In this game, a 3rd party would spin the board and instruct 1 party to place 1 specific parts onto the twister mats. The fun part is that when one reached her limit and get eliminated from the game when they fall.

IMM Week 05 homework partII

IMM Week 05 homework partII

Create a website for the flow chart that was shown in class which has the 1st level information

of Numbers, C, D, M and P. and post them onto our domain.


Week 05 IMM homework

What is the difference between web application and web design.

From the cambridge dictionary source,
the definition of design is :
the art of making plans or drawings for something
and the definition of application is:
a computer program that is designed for a particular purpose

From this explaination, I can roughly tell that an application
undergoes a series of designing in order to accomplish the
particular purpose. To do the designing, it means that one
needs to go thorough planning in order for the final process
to be successful

Web design is also
•Graphic Design
•Information Design
•Interface Design
•Document Production
•Programming and Scripting

While web application is
•software application that is coded in a browser-supported
– HTML, JavaScript, Java, etc.
•Browser applications typically include simple office software
-word processors, online spreadsheets, and presentation tools
-with Google Docs being the most notable example, and can also include more advanced applications such as project management, computer-aided design, video editing and point-of-sale

Browser applications typically require little or no disk space on the client, upgrade automatically with new features, integrate easily into other web procedures, such as email and searching. They also provide cross-platform compatibility (i.e., Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) because they operate within a web browser window.

IMM Week 04 homework, interview with an employer.

skills-set1This is the skill set arrangement by a freelance web designer, bachelor in Information Technology.

Group member: Yiyou, JunXiang, Jonathan

IMM Week 04 Class Exercise

Week 04 Class Exercise Aranging skill cards

Skill Card11. Arranging by Pre Production, Production, Post Production

skill2 copy

2. insert by 2D, 3D, Web, Product Design, concept Design, Graphic Design, Marketing, Media

IMM week 03 homework

1.What is a Print.

imm copy

2. Color Chart.

Untitled-1 copy

This is the best way to plan for the color chart as the website will look

very neat due to the narrow flow chart. Neatness is very important in

the presentation for a portfolio. Since the website is a showcase of

art work from the many different artist , time and medium, the

categories of it in a narrow manner is very good for planning the date.

IMM Week 03 Homework

Exercise 1

As above,how would you plan the information structure?

Exercise 2

As above,how would you plan the information structure?

Is this the best way to plan it?

IMM Week 02 Homework

Week 02 : Questions

  1. Find 3 examples of passive, interactive and
    reactive in everyday life.
  2. Find 3 examples of passive, interactive and
    reactive on the internet.
  3. Which aspects of each example is considered interactive?
  4. Is there a varied degree of interactivity in each example?
  5. If possible, explain with photo/sketch/shots/sketches
    of the chosen examples.


1. Find 3 examples of passive, interactive and reactive in everyday life.

(adjective :not acting to influence or change a situation;
allowing other people to be in control:)
  1. When dinner is settled by mom everynight and the dishes are not always what I would had prefered.
  2. The modules that we take might not be really what we like but taken because it is part of the diploma.
  3. Travelling on the Mass Rapid Transport (MRT). The train moves at a constant speed and stops at every stop.


(adjective :involving communication between people:)
  1. Chit-Chating while having a drink together. (Chilling out)
  2. Traffic police giving directions to driver on the road.
  3. A CEO giving a meeting during office time.
(adjectivereacting to events or situations rather than
acting first to change or prevent something:)

  1. Watching a dramatic movie or one with thrills.
  2. Moving to the momentum of the music of a dancing song before even dancing.
  3. Smelling and seeing a very delicious hamburger when u have starved for 2 days.

2. Find 3 examples of passive, interactive and reactive on the internet.

(adjective :not acting to influence or change a situation;
allowing other people to be in control:)
  1. When I read about politics news on the web thats about other countries.
  2. When I am being spammed by a bugger on MSN and he/she was a current classmate of mine. (cannot block)
  3. Virus which I will have no clue on how to tackle it.


(adjective :involving communication between people:)
  1. Msn-ing. Instant Messanger.
  2. Facebook. Writing on people’s wall.
  3. Reading Blogs. Reading News.
(adjectivereacting to events or situations rather than
 acting first to change or prevent something:)

  1. Wondering on where the buttons (on web pages) will bring me to if i press them.
  2. Watching amazingly incredible effects made by the latest technology. etc, graphic designs in game.
  3. Images.

3. Which aspects of each example is considered interactive?

Whenever someone has an opinion and when he/she shares it with someone or someone share it with him/she, there is a communication process going on. Hence there is interaction.

When there is interaction or a response, people will make a remark or an impression. Hence, this process of communication and getting response/impression is the aspect of the interactivity.

4.  Is there a varied degree of interactivity in each example?

The degree of interactivity is proportionate to the quality of communication and the quality of impression.


If there is more communication between the person in charge of controlling the situation, it will then leave a better impression by the user as he or she gets a part in sharing their opinion and gets a feedback. In the case of the Passive scenarios, the users have little communication or even no communication with the controlling party. Hence, the result of this interaction is more sided to a negative result.


For the Reactive,

it is actually slightly better as the users have more communication and feedbacks. Although these communication are not with human but objects, there is actually some form of response as when they interact or sees the object, it attracts their attention or makes them excited. Hence, they will feel that there is slightly more interaction in the things they do in reactive and the result is slightly a positive result.

The events that happen in the interactive section involves communication between people and an immediate response. Therefore, two or more parties are involved in this process and the quality of communication is good due to the direct communicating. With this, it has also a highest tendancy of people leaving good impression of each other while interacting.

Hence, this has the highest amount of interaction.

5. If possible, explain with photo/sketch/shots/sketches of the chosen examples.






Web Cam

Chit Chat


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