Web Design Week 5 Homework part II

This is the site map for This Fashion website.
website1 copy


Web Design Week 05 homework.

•How do you find this site? (in 3 words)

1. outdated , Dry,homely

•Who do you think the site is created for

2. This Web is probably created for customers who are interested in this
shop and want to know the outlets that they have and the gifts voucher
that they can offer. Customers can also check out the services that they
can give. This web can also be a site for the suppliers as it provides
a very detailed information on the outlets that they have which includes
the address and their contact number for each outlet.

•What are the good attributes of the site (in terms

of usability, aesthetic issues, etc)?

3. First of all, this website is a very organised website as all the informations
are being sorted out correctly in the indivual tabs of the web site. On the case
of usability, this site not only contains all the informations that they have,
but the navigation of this website is also relatively good. As all the information
are sorted out in tabs, and all these tabs can be found on the top of the website
on every page of the site. Other usable links are also in strong black fonts and
underlined. Hence, this allows the user to differentiate between navigation and
informations. It also follows the flow so that people will read from top to bottom.
Nice paragraphing.

Lacks asthetic appeals.
Users dont know about the site in a second because it lacks asethic appeal as a fashion
selling shop. Its not convincing enough. Its not appealing.

•What are the bad attributes of the site?

4. The background lacks design and emphasis. The choice of text sizeis notapplied correctly as there is no difference in the font size for people to distinguish the importancy of each section. The text color are mostly grey scales and a few green colored text. They did not use the colors to distinguish text etc, heading and information. The correct use of font size and color can help people to identify the different level of information that you are providing.

Alot of empty spaces, feels like a very low class web. A low class web site give a first impression that this is for a very low class shop. A first impression is very important to costomers you are trying to attract them. The lots of white spaces also hints me that the scriptor of this website had propable script this web for a low resolution monitor as the spaces are only present in very high resolution screen. Lacks of information of what this fashion provides. No hints of services this fashion provides. This makes the viewers to make assumptions. Assumptions are bad…

Web Design Week 03 Homework


Link for Web design part 1 homework:site_obj2

Link for Web design part 1 homework:users2

Web Design Week 02 QnA Answers (Part 2)

week 2 answers.

Read about Web design process article above

Write what you think about it.
The guidelines of creating a website by these web design process articles are useful and helpful to my future web design works as these are the essence of the experiences by those who have been in this web design industry for many years. What they advise us to follow are basically mostly step by step planning that can help us do a better job in web design.
One example would be the article “A design process revealed” who states the process to be :
  1. Research & Discovery.
  2. Competitive analysis.
  3. Exploration
  4. Thumbnail sketching
  5. Typography
  6. Composition
  7. Execution and implementation
  • This is a very neat process for web design.
  • The primary step to this process is the research.

If we were to do a in depth research of our project and make new discovery

of the project, the chances of us making mistakes will decrease as we are

prepared before hand before we even start the design. It will also saves us

time if we are prepared.

  • This article also says that taking into look of
pre-existing web design as reference is very useful in

inspiring us as we can identify the strengths and weakness of others to inform

us on the improvements that we can make and the mistakes that we should


  • Then the thumbnail-ing process comes in.

As similar as the many assignments of projects in school that I have done,

research and thumbnail-ing are the basic first few steps that we take before

tackling into the main project. This is because knowing about what our

client (teacher) wants and getting a rough image of how to portray our image

to our client through sketches is important. In web design, thumbnails usually

contains the placement of the header, column structure and text alignment.

This forms the composition. By keeping this ideas or composition on a piece

of paper, we can take a look at them to remind ourselves of our initial plan when

we get too lost of off track while handling the design.

The author also mentioned that
  • the use of imagery is not always necessary in design.

However, with the use of selective photography or illustration can create a

enormous visual impact for a design, adding dimension and a deeper depth of

understanding further beyond a well-written headline or paragraph of text.

  • The composition is also very important

as incorrect placement of elements might lead to the viewers missing some

important small elements that could be found on the web.

  • The articles in the blog are mostly very easy to understand

with little use of technical words thus it makes it easy to understand

for everyone. The information is also sorted out clearly in the

articles with the correct use of compositions, typography and

some aids of imagery. It also directly focuses into the key points

instead of making unnecessary comments.

  • It actually teaches us how to save time and the correct manner

of working in a web design development.

Hence, I believe that the articles, being made so easy for all

to understand, already make it a very successful web design page.

  • I appreciate the articles author for their effort of compiling

their experiences into a guide and I will definitely implement

these web design processes into my work.

Web Design Week 2 QnA Answers

Week 2 Answers.

What is Browser-Safe Color Palette/ Web-Safe Colors?

Browser-safe color palette is also known as :

  • Netscape palette
  • 216 palette
  • Web palette
  • or 6X6X6 palette

What is it?

  • It is actually the actual palette that *Mosaic, Netscape and Internet Explorer uses within their browser.
  • It contains 216 colors out of 256 in a 8bit computer.
  • Remaining 40 colors is the varying colors on Mac and PCs.
(*Mosaic and Netscape were dominant internet browsers of the past.)

They are actually a series of color used to ensure that a web has actually the same color on every computer; ranging from a 32bit computer system to a 8bit computer system.

An example of a Browser-safe

color palette arranged in hue:


An example of a Browser-safe

color palette arranged in value:


(image reference from: http://www.lynda.com/resources/webpalette.aspx)

Other examples:



(image reference from: http://the-light.com/netcol2.gif and http://www.infocn.org/help/color/images/p_030103s.jpg)

  • To form the 216 distinct colors in the palette, it is actually made out of 216 (6X6X6) combination of groups. The Netscape palette for the colors usually contains of all combination of 00, 33, 66, 99, CC, FF for each red, green, blue elements of the color descriptor. Thus, forming 216 different possible of grouping to form the codes for different color.

What if we do not follow the 216 web-safe color?

  • If we were to use colors that are not found in the 216 web-safe colors, it will result the design to display fewer colors than the original amount of colors it had or dither. This could make the design look ugly on screens.

The browser safe web palette was created around 1995 or 1996, hence it was common to find 8bit computers that support at most 256 colors.

Thus by using the colors found in the palette, we can assure that all users of a computer will find a same color on the web designs. Even a different usage of operating system(Macintosh or Windows) will also make a assurance that the colors will end up the same using the browser-safe color palette.

Is is still relevant in today’s context?Why?

  • It is still relevant in today’s context to a small extent.
  • As in current days, there are many computers that can afford color system of up to 32 bits, this restricted colors to ensure the standardised color setting on every computer become less important as there will be more availability of color on the computer.

However, we must still obey this browser safe web palette as we as designers should assure that the colors we use will appear exactly to our client on every platform that they use to view it. So by using the web browser safe palette, we can assure that the colors we use wont change.

What are the common fonts face found on PC & Mac?

  • Arial,  Arial Black, Times New Roman, Verdana, Impact, Courier New and Georgia.

What is page loading time and how it influence your design?

  • A page loading time is the total amount of time needed to load up a website for the user to view the interface or to use the website itself. The most amount of time that I would tolerate waiting would be most probably 7 seconds. If it exceeds that amount of time, I would start to feel impatient and would complain why is the loading taking so long? Is something faulty? Is it workable? The best timing would be a direct load upon click or even at most a one second delay.
  • A website that is heavy on media such as audio or movie clips is relatively more forgivable for slow loading as the media added to the websites actually makes the web site a big file to load. Hence, it is human nature to allow a small delay in the amount of waiting time to enjoy something that is going to give us a little more experience that we may not have experienced before.

Therefore, the amount of loading time actually reflects on how much the viewer can expect a totally new refreshing and exciting experience for visiting my website. If I were forced to have a heavy website which would cause the loading time to be slightly longer, I will reassure myself that my website would give my viewer a totally new experience of design that he had never experience before and to make his visit to my web a unforgettable one.

To ensure that our viewers will once again return to our web again, we must keep our loading time at the minimum as they will get irritated by the slow loading web.

One fine example would be that NYP students that are surfing the net or doing research in the school would often feel very irritated by the loading speed of webs with the school computer. We would often get irritated by how slow the speed can go or even sometimes we can give up the thought of going to a certain web to check out some stuffs due to the eternity loading of it. This is sometimes not cause by the size of files on the web but how good the connection the user has or either how congested is the network that he or she is in. Thus, in order to face these factors which we designers cannot control, we can do our part to keep our file size or loading at minimum for the effort of our users. We DESIGN for our CONSUMERS… Hence, putting a thought for them is actually doing our job.

Answers for week 1 web design homework.

Questions and answer for web design

1. Name as many browsers as you can.

  • Safari,
  • Internet Explorer,
  • Mozilla Firefox,
  • Opera
  • and Google Chrome

2.      What is a browser war?

-A browser war is probably one kind of competition in the

internet world where different browsers try to dominate

the browser market to be the most used and popular


3.      What is I.P address?

– A I.P (Internet Protocol) address is a specific 4 group

of numbers ,eg. entitled to each network

user from a computer.  It is an indication or identification

whereby the users can be traced or located by this set of

I.P address.

4.       What is a URL?

– A URL is (Uniform Resource Locator) is the web address.

5.      What is a good website?

– A good website is one that is visually elegant and having all

the functions of the websites (eg. buttons correctly linked)

working flawlessly. It should also have information which the

viewers want clearly and correctly stored in the web. Interaction

with viewers is also prefably put into consideration when

designing a good website.